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Birkmeyer Project, Ann Arbor, MI.

We converted an attached two car garage into a kitchen, built a new detached two car garage, and turned the old kitchen into a mudroom and office.

The Strawbale, Milan, MI.

A corn silo repurposed as a studio.  Strawbales were stacked and tied to the perimeter wire mesh and plastered inside and out with local sand and clay.

Guest House, Inverness, CA.

I spent most of 2003 building my parents a 750 sq. ft. 2 bedroom guest house.  For siding, we used weathered shingles salvaged from a roof demolition, reclaimed fir for the interior trim, and North Coast Big Leaf maple for the kitchen peninsula.

Small World Coffee, Princeton, NJ.

First built in 1993, with numerous remodels and additions since then.  This coffee shop is arguably one of the busiest on the East Coast and has a loyal following.

The Tower, Princeton, NJ.

A tiny 180 sq. ft. addition to a 1200 sq. ft. ranch house.  The tower serves as a small bath and laundry with a guest room/office upstairs.  Exterior siding is 4×8 sheets of cement board.