7 Ideas How to write Personal Essay for school

Top Ideas for Your Personal Essay: Writing Smart
Around 80% of all college tasks take writing papers, and sometimes the number of assignments is so high that students fail to cope with all the deadlines coming. In these cases, they look for extra help asking their group mates, «Do you know someone who can do my homework for me?» Usually, they just order essay writing from reliable agencies and free up their time for more important tasks. However, writing skills can become useful not just in college, saving up on such agencies but far beyond graduation.
For example, you can use them for writing effective business letters, emails, reports, and presentations at work. While you are in college, make use of this time learning how to write academic papers, and one of the simplest of them is a personal essay. In this article, we will observe seven great personal essays ideas and discuss the tips you can use by writing.

Top inspiring topics for your personal essay

Instead of asking a writing service, «Can you write my English paper for me?», give it a try. A personal essay is one of the easiest types of academic papers as you don`t need to research complex topics. It is your life, thoughts, and personal experiences essay that can be assigned in college or used to enroll there. We present you top 7 winning topics to choose for your paper:
1. Your bravest moment
Many young people are pretty shy and don`t have enough courage even to say «hello» to the person they like. Have you had a moment in your life when you have overcome your fear and demonstrated your courage? How was it?
2. How you met your bff
The story should not be as long as the famous TV series, but if this was fun or interesting enough, you could write an essay about it. An alternative can be a topic about how your best friend let you down although we hope you haven`t had such an experience;
3. What makes your parents special?
We all love our parents, and often there are no particular reasons, just gratitude for who we are. Imagine that you promote your mom or dad as a perfect candidate for a parent`s position. What makes them different?
4. Your favorite place
We all have a special place we feel great in or dream of moving to. It can be some city, another country, a favorite lake where you were backpacking with friends or just a favorite armchair in the living room of your grandma. Describe what makes it special and what it means for you. As an alternative, you may tell about the place you try to avoid and for what reason;
5. Me and my pet
Everybody has a favorite pet they could talk about for hours. But what if your pet could talk? It would become a perfect topic for an essay;
6. A person whom you don`t like
We bet you have someone you don`t like just for who they are. Try to formulate your thoughts and describe to the readers this person;
7. An awkward moment
We all have experienced a socially awkward moment, either in school or as a grown-up. Don`t be embarrassed to share yours.
Choosing the right topic is one of the key personal essay prompts we could give you. You should like and want to share your experience with others describing your emotions.